SamuraiCode is the development home of Jeremy Noonan, a software geek based out of California by way of England, Virginia, Italy, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Washington.

When not coding for money at CaseTrakker he builds web and iOS apps.

He built DropEvent, when he couldn't find an easy way to share photos from a school graduation.

Co-wrote NotMyNumber while trying to sell some stuff on Craigslist.

He is infatuated with Instagram and built two iOS games, InstaGame and InstaMatch and an awesome screensaver InstaSaver.

Was born in the UK and moved around pretty consistently.

Fun fact : Has never lived more than three years in any one house.

Stuff I Built

DropEvent allows you to create photo galleries that others can contribute to without signing up, so everyone at the party/wedding/birthday can share their photos in one place.

Made so Grandma can share her photos with you without requiring eight hours of tech support :)


Temporary disposable phone numbers on demand!

You can just dial out from the NotMyNumber app and the caller will see your temporary phone number. It's that easy.

Available on the App Store


This isn't your ordinary matching game!

InstaMatch combines photos from the popular iPhone app Instagram with clever twists on the classic card-matching puzzle game to add loads of insta-fun to your photos!

Available on the App Store


An addictively fun puzzle game using the latest photos from Instagram!

Put the Instagram photos back together.

Play your favorite puzzles again and again, or get a fresh puzzle every time!

Available on the App Store


THE Instagram screensaver for your PC.

Works on multiple monitors

Right click the link below and Save As

Then right click the file and Install

Log in to your Instagram account for extra coolness


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